To help you prepare to have the best possible photos of your home, we have listed a few steps to make sure your home makes a great impression.

- Vehicles need to be out of the driveway and away from the front of the home.
- Generally, we don't shoot inside the garage or closets so these are great places to hide items.
- Clear all the counters
- Remove all portable appliances (coffee pots, toasters etc.)
- Clear off the refrigerator. 
- Hide the garbage cans.
- Empty the sink and put the soap away.
- Items not included in the sale of the home should be out of view. This naturally includes cash, jewelry and valuables.
- Open window blinds and drapes to reveal the view unless your real estate professional has advised you otherwise. 
- High-back chairs should not be in front of windows, which would block the view.
- Turn all inside lights on. This is very important.
- Fans off.
- Televisions off.
- Toilet lids down.
- Make the beds, clothes in the hamper.
- Conceal garbage containers.
- Open doors between rooms to give an open feeling and ensure all rooms are included in the tour.
- Remove pet food bowls and toys, and conceal pets.
- Remove rugs.
- Conceal cords. 
- Shower/bath items should be placed under the sink for the tour.
- Clear counters of electric toothbrushes, ,make-up, pill bottles, etc.

Kessler Photography shoots a property as is. We are not responsible for moving these items and sellers/agents should make sure the property is ready at the time of the appointment. Shoots are expected to last about 45 minutes. If a property is not ready and the photographer is being delayed the shoot will have to be rescheduled.

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